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The Inez Land For Sale Trinidad and Tobago

The Inez Tobago Bacolet: Land For Sale

Inez Bacolet Tobago consists of at least 6 phases and several phases are completely sold. The following Phases are now available for sales: Lots located in Henry Heights, Pamela Gardens will have sea views. Lutherville offers large parcel of land. The Inez offers ample green spaces and a Central Park with amenities such as recreational spaces, pavilion, and more.

Henry Heights

Pamela Gardens


Henry Heights offers a splendid view of the entire development with parcels starting at $65 per square foot.


Completion certificates for these lots are currently available.

Pamela Gardens features a splendid view of the ocean and entire development, parcels start at $80 per square foot.

Completion certificates for these
lots should be available by
approximately first quarter

Lutherville, the highest point of the development, has  breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean with parcels starting at $75 per square foot.

Completion certificates for these lots should be available by approximately 3rd quarter 2022.

* Availability and information is subject to change. Please contact one of our Real Estate Agents for more details and latest information.

Coming Soon! Inez Tobago: Phase II - Commercial. Construction Begins In 2022

Bordering the residential phases, Phase II is commercially zoned area, with a Shopping District, Entertainment Center, Supermarket, Medical Center/Pharmacy. Additionally, there is ample space reserved for restaurants, a Marina and a Hotel. Persons who are interested in a villa, have the option to purchase one in this phase.

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Residential Homestead Land For Sale in Inez Forest Gate, Trinidad Cumuto Area. 

Please view all relevant information here.

Additional Information The Inez Forest Gate

What steps are being taken to ensure that the land will not flood?

The drainage design calculations and the drains are sized to cater for the high intensity rainfall that only falls once each 25 years. These are approved by The Drainage Division. The Caroni River is at least 20-25 feet lower than the site and would therefore need to overflow its bank before water starts overflowing onto the site.
The wide concrete drains and detention ponds could hold a large volume of excess water from within the site and gradually let it out into the Caroni River when the intensity subsides.
The nearest lot is set back 150m (492 feet) from the Caroni River. The vegetative cover within this “forested” open space helps to slow down the rate of surface runoff while allowing a percentage to percolate into the ground. The earthen interceptor drains also contribute to reducing the likelihood of flows from the Caroni River.
An earthen berm is to be constructed at the boundary between the open space and lots. This berm upon completion would be over 6-ft high. The earthen berm will mitigate flooding from the Caroni River in the event the river overflows. The wide earthen drains convey runoff from the large external catchment located south of the site.

Is it freehold or leasehold land?
It is freehold land.

When will we have the Completion Certificate?
We will have the completion certificates in early 2022.

Do I have to do Agriculture?
While it is not mandatory, we have put all kinds of support systems on the land to encourage agriculture.

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The Inez offers land purchasers the option to have their 3 bedroom houses built. More information & pricing are available.
Viewings can only be scheduled when Covid restrictions are being lifted and you are at least pre-qualified or if you are a cash purchaser. Our CDS Real Estate Team is happy to answer all your questions.

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