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How your Home's market value is calculated | CDS Real Estate

How Your Home’s Best Market Value Is Calculated?

Imagine you’re shopping for a used foreign car that’s in good condition. You visit a resale website and discover that most are selling for approximately $80,000 TT. Would you be willing to pay $100,000TT or more? Probably not. The market value is obviously well-established, and you know what is worth. There would be no reason to pay more. Would you? Get the right listing price for your home or...

Stage Your Kitchen Ideas to Wow Your Buyers

How to Stage Your Kitchen for Buyers? Best Tips

What is one of the most memorable spaces after a viewing? The kitchen. Stage your kitchen is such of a way that will wow your potential buyer. They may forget the size of the patio, the second bedroom or whether or not there’s a closet in that room, but the impression buyers form of your kitchen will linger on. Stage Your Kitchen Ideas to Wow Your Buyers That’s why, when you’re selling your...

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