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Why living in Tobago?

Posted by Tropical Vacations Rentals on May 25, 2016
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Tobago is the twin sister island of Trinidad. Both Islands are a part of the Caribbean. Although Trinidad is the big sister, Tobago has a lot to offer. Beaches, protected rain forests, sun, sand, culture, culinary events, history and much more.

The main reason people to visit and to stay in Tobago is because it is a tranquil island with all the beautiful nature in tact. The beaches are nice. The people are friendly and there are plenty local activities and events to entertain you.

And if you do not like the noise or crowd, the neighborhood and villages are in general pretty quiet and peaceful. Still, the entire island is self contained. We have our own hospital, health centers, police & fire stations. Whole-sale and supermarkets, mini marts and market place  etc.

If this is still to much buzz for you, we have properties more in ‘country side’ of the island. Less neighbors and more nature! The villages that Tobagonians consider ‘country’ is a 20 – 45 minutes drive away from Scarborough, the capital of the island. Typically, persons who live in the country side come to ‘town’ once a week to do the main groceries and or purchases. The government has a bus transportation services in place but you could travel via taxi services as well. Most of the time it is recommended to have a personal vehicle for your own convenience.