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What to bring to get a pre-qualification letter

Posted by CDS Real Estate on November 14, 2016
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Required document list:

Most financial institutions will require one or all of these documents. Please note this is a guideline not a definite list, every financial institution might ask for additional or other documents as well.

  • Employment Letter – a break down of your income / allowances. Your length of service.
  • A recent salary slip
  • Self employed? Certified statement of income
  • A Copy of the deed and or deed of mortgage
  • Valuation report done by a an official Evaluator, ask your financial institute for the list
  • Valid ID and or proof of citizenship
  • Your latest receipts of house/property rents and water/sewage bill
  • If you have an existing loan: Statement on existing loan(s)
  • Financial assets and liabilities (when you own a property or car etc.)
  • Credit history
  • Bank statements and or credit union statements for savings and loans
  • Offer letter
  • Inland Revenue Office Certificate of Assessment
  • WASA Clearance Certificate letter
  • If you buy a property less than 4 years old: A Completion Certificate from the Regional Corporation

Planning to build your own home – what document to bring:

If you plan to build your own house or construct a building, more planning and documentation is involved. In most cases these following document are also required:

  • Pre-construction valuation of the property
  • Your building plan (Ask your architect)
  • Builders’ estimate
  • and Town & Country planning  / local government approvals

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