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What is a Certificate of Comfort (COC)?

Posted by CDS Real Estate on April 24, 2020
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A Certificate of Comfort (COC) is a document which gives a squatter a personal right to protection from ejectment from State Land. If a squatter with a Certificate of Comfort has to be relocated, the Certificate of Comfort provides a guarantee that a lot will be provided. It does not convey/give a squatter any interest in the state land that is occupied.

Under the provisions of the State Land (Regularization of Tenure) Act No 25 of 1998, a squatter who was illegally occupying State Lands prior to January 01, 1998 could only have applied for a Certificate of Comfort (COC) in the prescribed statutory format on or before October 27, 2000. This would have been the first step in a three stage regularization process to obtain security of tenure by way of a Deed of Lease.

Please note, however, that while the COC gives a squatter a personal right to protection from ejectment from State Land, it does not convey/give a squatter any right, legal interest or title to State Land.