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Tobago Beaches A – Z

Posted by Tropical Vacations Rentals on November 4, 2016
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Did You Know Tobago Has Over 15 Beaches? And a Dozen More Bays?

When our guests arrive here in Tobago, we asked where they want to go or what they would like to do during their vacation. And 99,5 % of all the answer is: Going to the beach!

The majority of beach visitors already did their homework and have a list of their top 3 beaches to go. Now, we know that once you visit a beautiful beach with beautiful sunsets, the blue water, and the white sands, you want to come back to the same beach over and over again.

Nothing wrong with that.

However, Tobago has more than the 3 famous beaches and we want to tackle them, one by one. We want to show you the pictures, pro’s and cons of each beach, things that you can do etc. Keep reading!

Batteaux Bay – Spey Side

According to dictionary.com: batteau [ba-toh; French ba-toh] noun, plural batteaux and it means a half-decked, sloop-rigged boat used for fishing on Chesapeake Bay; skipjack.


This beach is accessible via Blue Waters Inn Hotel. The water colors are marvelous light blue. With Little Tobago in the distant, and plenty activities on and around the beach, this is indeed one of the favorite destination for foreign visitors.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

There is a jetty which grant you access to the Glass Bottom Boats. They will bring you to Little Tobago’s snorkel and diving sites. If you LOVE Buccoo Reef, you need to come up here to see this coral reef yourself!

Snorkeling & Diving Spot

Stunning fishes and other coral inhabitants are visible right in front of your eyes. And you will have a fantastic tour on the Island itself. See, explore and discover the birds, the history of the island and  the reason that no humans live on this island.

Don’t miss out this gem when you visit Tobago. We work together with CERTIFIED OFFICIAL GLASS BOTTOM BOAT  TOURGUIDES

Black Rock

Black Rock Beach is not a beach for swimming. It is more a beach to go to do some rock fishing, exploring, relaxing and for some nice strolls. The pebbles and stones pushed up on the sand is marvelous. Try to find some little shells and sea gems here!

Fort Bennet

There is a maintained sight-seeing site (free access) right before the beach. It has a gazebo with benches and a beautiful view. Once you reach down to the main road, go down to the beach and refresh your feet in the sea. It is a nice a quiet beach, ideal for a pick nick and a stroll.


  • Quiet and nice for walking on the beach
  • sightseeing location: Fort Bennet
  • rock fishing


  • not suitable for swimming
  • no facilities

Mount Irvine Bay Beach

TropicalVacations.Rentals Beaches of Tobago from A - Z - Mt. Irvine Beach
Sun! Sand and Sea.

Mt. Irvine Bay Beach

This is a nice beach to swim and to relax. Plenty foreign visitors sitting in the sun or shade, reading their favorite books or just relaxing. The sand on the beach is quite white and got a lot of corals and other sediments. Going into the water you may feel a small drop close to the coast line. This beach has some nice Almond and Sea Grapes trees and this create a nice shade.

Facilities at this beach:

There is a bar/restaurant that is connected to the Mount Irvine Hotel. Guests of the hotel and other beach visitors are allowed to use their facilities (there is a washroom / changing room). The surrounding are tidy. Ask the manager for access. Sometimes it is closed.

Other Activities:

With the annually Tobago Jazz Festival, Mt. Irvine Beach is one of the beaches turned into a beach stage. Here you can enjoy the music and the artists performances. Other activities like Beach Volleyball events etc. are regularly organized. Keep in mind that some of the activities are not free & access to the beach is not always an option.


  • Waves are pretty calm ideal for swimming & relaxing
  • Free access to the beach
  • Shades and sun on one location
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant / bar on compound
  • There is a washroom / changing room (ask permission)
  • Activities and Festivals
  • Clean beach
  • White sand


  • Not much parking spaces, possibly park your car on the main road
  • Washroom/changing room not always available
  • Beach not 365 days accessible because of other activities
  • No nets and no life guards on this beach
Tropical Vacations . Rentals - All The Tobago Beaches A-Z here - Pigeon Point
Pigeon Point Beach Facility

Pigeon Point Facility

Pigeon Point Beach Facility is one of the famous beaches in Tobago. It has all the ingredient to have an ideal beach vacation. Not only suitable for sun lovers but also for action lovers. Lots of parking, cabanas with pick nick tables, shower and toilet facilities, restaurants and other small food tents.

From time to time, there are activities on the compound such at Tobago Jazz Festival and other Performer Artists.

Sports & Action

Because of the location of the beach it has the “calm side” for beach-goers to swim and bathe and a “rough side” for the water sports lovers. It has plenty breeze and waves. Ideal for Wind-surfing, Kite-surfing and so on. Interested to partake these activities? Contact us and let us know what you would like to do!

Wedding Venue

This beautiful beach is also been used as a wedding venue. Are you planning to have your wedding on the beach or close to the beach? Contact us for all the packages!


  • Generally a well maintained beach facility
  • Free access to showers/changing room / toilets till 5 PM
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Famous jetty
  • Pick-nick tables and “gazebos”
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant & bars
  • Sports activities
  • Beautiful garden lane to the beach
  • wedding venue
  • Chairs & Umbrella Rentals
  • Lifeguard presence


  • Paid entrance even for locals
  • It can be crowed sometimes

Pirates Bay Beach One Big Adventure!

We as Tobago discovers like new (and re-enjoy old) adventures. A true journey is to discover one of the beautiful beaches of Tobago: Pirates Bay. This bay is a hidden gem secluded with green forest and soft waves.

Two ways to reach the beach

The most adventurous way is to walk all the way from the heart of Chalotteville village up to the hills. The higher we go, the more beautiful the surrounding gets. We pass the breadfruit tree, the goat and sheep on the steep hill, passing some mango trees and more green. Till you see the breathtaking blue waters from afar!

Once you reach the top of the hill, we go down the hill. At this point and time it seems like an impossible mission. But you just take one step at the time 🙂 and there are benches for you to take a small break. In the distance you will hear the sea. Small and big birds singing encouraging songs to you. Time to discover the beach! Finally we reach the beach. And it is truly beautiful. No masses of crowd pack up together. Almost the entire beach if for you and you alone.

This is one of the spots for sailboats to anchor for a few hours or for a couple of days.

You can tell the beach is clean, no plastic or other human residue and we encourage everyone to keep it this way. The water is crisp clear with little fishes. Shaded spots are along the beach. And while you are sunbathing, your mind will indeed wonder which pirate in the past discovered this beach.

The second way to reach the beach, is less romantic, but saves you time and is more convenient for persons who cannot or do not want to climb steps. At the jetty in the village, you could ask one of the fisherman to carry you to Pirates Bay Beach and to pick you later on that day. Normally they will charge for gas.

But if you can, take the steps. Your Tropical Holiday will be more complete!

TropicalVacations.Rentals : Store Bay Beach at Sunset

Store Bay Beach Facilities

This is a family beach for everyone. Vacationers from abroad, Trinidad and Locals love Store Bay Beach. The access is free and there are lifeguards watching over you and your family and friends. Also there is a changing/shower/toilet facility one minute from the beach. Parking is free and at your own risk.


  • Lifeguard on duty
  • Free access to the beach
  • (paid) Toilet / Showers facility
  • Free parking
  • Flags to show where is it safe to swim
  • Food court with bar
  • Souvenir shops & local Craft
  • Chair / Umbrella Rentals


  • It can be crowded from time to time
  • Secure your belongings on the rocks with high tides
  • Not so much shaded areas

Tip: A simple: “No thank you” will do to the vendors. Reserve your Official Certified Glass Bottom Boat via us and enjoy your hassle-free Buccoo Reef Tour.