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Plan your Vacation in Tobago!

Posted by Tropical Vacations Rentals on May 25, 2016
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Your next destination is Tobago. You do have an idea when you want to be there. Actually, you wish that you were already there… Sitting in that pool sipping a nice cool juice, or enjoying that particular beach. Yes, you deserve this vacation, this weekend away, this relax-a-thon!

When to start planning?

Actually, as soon as you know when you want to go. Don’t wait to last minute especially in peak season and (school) holidays. Long weekends and official holidays are very popular dates and these tend to be booked first. So, if you want to come next Carnival or next Summer Holidays? Plan now, ask for availability and how to secure your dates!

Your vacation, your crew

Share your idea to go to Tobago as soon as possible with your friends and family. They might need to ask permission to take a few days off. The bigger the group the more organizing skills are required. What is their budget? What are their preferences (pool / no pool)? Who is cooking and or driving around?

Make a list of potential vacationers and notify your plans. Tell them what your deadline is (by Sunday I want a definite answer). And be clear what the average cost per person might be.

Purchase your ferry / airplane tickets

We always recommend all our guests to purchase their tickets way in advance. The earlier you start to book your ferry or airplane tickets, the more secure you can be to reach this beautiful Island!

Since September 2016 T&T Ferry made it possible to purchase your boat tickets online. No more hassle to stand in the lines. From your comfort of your home you can get your tickets any moment. Visit the website here to start purchasing. Be sure to read the fine print though since there might be slight differences with off line ticket purchases.

Our air bridge from our sister Island is provided by Caribbean Airlines. Purchase their tickets here.