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Getting Your Own Swimming Pool

Posted by CDS Real Estate on December 26, 2016
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For many home owners and home purchasers, having a swimming pool in the back yard is a dream come true. After a busy day of work or any time you want, just plunge into your own pool to relax or do some serious exercise. And of course, children love to play in and or around a swimming pool! If you are planning to get a swimming pool soon, what are the things you need to consider? And what benefit it might have on the value of your house?


What is your budget

There are thousands of pool styles and designs to choose from. Square, rectangular, round shapes, odd shapes and so on. Always shop within your budget. Smaller sized pools such as plunge pools and above-the-ground pools are a good option for people working with small budget.


Is your property build with a stunning view (read your land is sloping)? Then maybe an infinite pool is nice option. The illusion is created where the water of the pool is not enclosed by land, you just gaze into the distance, to which the water seems to flow endlessly.

How much time?

Are you going to maintain the pool yourself? Do you have the time to remove leaves etc from your pool weekly if not weekly? A lots of pool-owners hire a “pool guy” to keep the water crisp and clear. Most of the time the pool guy will pass by once a week to clear the pool from leaves and or other debris, check the water PH and Chlorine levels, remove moss and check the pump.

Don’t for get to top up the water of the pool! (Oh, and turn off the water hose once it is full)

Dimensions & Depth

Consider the purpose of the pool. Is the main reason to relax? Or do you want to do vigorous exercise? Bear in mind that the deeper the pool, the more likely it will become more expensive.

Villa Rentals & Pools

Most vacation rental owners prefer to have a child-friendly pool. It means the pool starts on one side about 3 feet deep and gradually deepens to 6 feet deep.

Children around?

I already mentioned child-friendly pools. Another factor how to make your pool child friendly is safely around the pool. Some parents and pool-owners decided to gate the pool to prevent (young) children free access to the water.

Bear in mind,  water will splash all over the place! Don’t place the pool too close to things you want to keep dry (clothing line, electric devices etc).

Landscaping & Deck

Another factor that will determine your pool size is yard space and topography. Where do you get your water supply? Where do you install your pump and filter (noise). Do you need to level off your yard? What kind of ambiance do you want to create?


  • A pool doesn’t always have to be in the center of your garden! A corner pool can be practical and beautiful too!
  • Ask a professional Pool Installation Companies for advise. They might come with a solution which you would not come up with.

Enjoy your pool

Once you build a pool you cannot go back and change certain things you don’t like. Professional Pool Installers are able to guide you in the process and help you to make the right decision based on your budget, needs, preferences and goal.

And now finishing reading this blog about swimming pools, it’s time to close your eyes and image yourself in your dream pool for a second … or two!

Pool owners, please share your experiences down below with us and other soon-to-be-pool-owners! What were the challenges, the benefits and do your have any tips? Let us know!