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Stage Your Kitchen For A Sale – Ideas that will Wow Buyers

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Tips for Staging Your Kitchen For Viewings and Photo Video Shoot - CDS Real Estate

What is one of the most memorable spaces after a viewing? The kitchen is one of the spaces that buyers tend to remember. They may forget the size of the patio, the second bedroom or whether or not there’s a closet in that room, but the impression buyers form of your kitchen will linger on.

Tips for Staging Your Kitchen For Viewings and Photo Video Shoot - CDS Real Estate

That’s why, when you’re selling your house or your apartment, staging the kitchen to look its best is so important. This should be done for your photo/video session. And prior to the viewing!

Small Changes Can Make a Difference

Here are some tips how to stage your kitchen: Buyers like to see lots of surface space on countertops. What to do? Remove all cookware such as pots and pans, small appliances (like the electric mixer, juicer etc.) and any other items from your countertop.  

Consider doing some small changes can make a lot of a difference, such as replacing old cabinet hardware, like handles, or a stained and scratched kitchen sink. Freshen up the cabinetry. For worn wood cabinetry, there are many specialty staining and finishing products available that can be applied directly onto the old finish. With this minor revamp, your cabinets will look almost new.

Small Or Cramped Kitchen?

If the kitchen space seems tight, experiment with reorganizing or removing items and or furniture. For example, try to reduce the amount of chairs: having four chairs around the breakfast table instead of five or six. As much as possible, make sure everything in the kitchen is clean and shiny.

Tip 3: Which Cabinet Is Most Often Opened By A Purchaser?

Pay particular attention to the storage space under the sink. This is the cabinet door most often opened by buyers. If your kitchen mats are worn, replace them. This is a relatively minor expense that can have a big impact. When a viewing is scheduled, and for your Photo/video session, turn on the lights and open window curtains or blinds.

These are all relatively simple improvements, yet each can make an enormous difference in how your kitchen looks to buyers and on your sales pictures. Let’s wow your potential buyers!

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