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Inez Phase 1A – 3 Bedroom houses and LAND FOR SALE.

LAND is completely sold and or contract.

The Inez Development - Land For Sale, House for Sale - Bacolet Tobago - Call +1868 731-0799 Title the Inez Living Redefined

Phase 1A – Bacolet Tobago Real Estate

CDS Real Estate - Inez Development - House for Sale - Entire Phase 1A 2018 updated

Entire Phase 1A Updated Version 2018

Phase 1A of the Inez Development is the closest to the shore. As a result, depending on your location you will hear the sea in the distance! How soothing to hear this sound from your own balcony or porch! Another reason why to live in the Inez is the constant sea breeze. No matter where you are, you will feel the breeze. Also, the ease to reach Scarborough within 5 minutes is another reason why to buy your property here.

More about Phase 1A

First of all, the land was being subdivided by a surveyor into hundred and ten (110) plots. And out of the 110 plots, plenty are being sold as ‘land only’. In addition, 20 family homes are being built. Furthermore, in the heart of Inez Phase 1A we will find the townhouse site. However, the 3D renderings for the townhouses are not ready yet. Nevertheless, as soon as the renderings are ready we will put them online. Are you interested in purchasing a Townhouse? Contact us and we will provide more information.

Another option is to buy one of the complete three-bedroom houses. At the moment they are being sold for $ 1.2 M TT each. Most of all, why living in the Inez is a good choice: the open field in the middle of the development. This will absolutely create a pleasant atmosphere, and the village would not be overly crowded with houses and people.

Close to main roads

The main road, Windward Road, connects you to Scarborough within 5 minutes. Further, it carries you to Bacolet Traffic Light. And within 4 minutes you are on the Claude Noel Highway.

Buy Land Only – Inez Phase 1A

  • Prices between $ 375K and 560K TT
  • All approvals
  • No reservations take place, first come first serve
  • For viewings please schedule a viewing: +1868 332-5354
  • View Cadastre on top of the page for location of the plots
  • All documents can be requested, please fill out the contact form below


More properties and land for sale in Phase 1B, Phase 1C and in Phase 1F. All plots are 5000 SF or slightly bigger option is available to purchase 2 plots or more next to one another.

86 Three-Bedroom Family Houses | 3 Designs to Choose From

CDS Real Estate - Inez Development - House for Sale - THA - 3D View - Front Perspective View small

Type 1 – Front Perspective View

CDS Real Estate - Inez Development - House for sale - Final 03 - 3D View - Front Perspective View

Type 3 – Front Perspective View

CDS Real Estate - Inez Development Building Type 4

Building Type 4

The Three Bedroom Houses

Phase 1A of the Inez Development has 67 lots reserved for 3 bedroom family dwellings for sale. Each family can choose from 3 different building style. And each design has approximately the same living space square footage and outdoor space. The architect kept in mind that each family most likely will possess one car. Hence, each building design has its own car park.

Designated Designs for Designated Plots

The layout Plan has strategically placed the 3 models all over the development. As a result, choose from the five building types below. Check which plots have the possibility to build your type of building. Consequently, by choosing a specific lot, you will be obligated to accept the house designed for this designated plot.

For example: If you choose lot number Y, you are obligated to accept building type #Z. However, if you prefer building type number ONE then your options are plot number A, B, C, F, and so on.

Questions about the building types or location? Call our broker for more info or fill out the contact form.

Come to view this place! Do you want to buy your property here? Call us for more info: Monday – Friday from 8.30 AM to 5 PM. And or fill out the contact form!

Phase 1A




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