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Drink ah Real Trinidad and Tobago Cacao Tea

Posted by Tropical Vacations Rentals on December 19, 2016
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Back then …

Drinking a hot cacao tea was something special. Older folks told me that on Sundays only, a hot cup of cacao tea was being served. And not always with milk. But with all the fresh cacao beans, spices and Mothers love, every cup was a good cup!

Cacao Tea vs Chocolate Milk

Today, we have so many “hot chocolate” beverages with even more additives and processed “cacao powder”, it doesn’t even come close to the original taste of local cacao. This reminds me of the very first time I had my “hot chocolate” ordered on a cold day in Europe in a fancy dining place. A jar of a brown cold substance came out of the fridge, poured in a cup and been heated up in a microwave! I cannot describe the taste really than just flat and sugary sweet. I liked the whipped cream though! How much I long for my ‘good ol cacao tea’ back home! And to let everyone taste how a real cup of cacao tea should taste like! All visitors from abroad LOVES the local cacao tea. So, when you do come visit Trinidad and Tobago, don’t forget to bring back some real cacao back home.

Where to buy? Almost all supermarket do sell Cacao Balls, go to the aisle of tea and coffee.

Price? From $ 7 TT ~ $ 40 TT each.

Best Taste? A lady from Roxborough makes a very rich and 100% pure cacao (~$ 30 TT each) – ask us for more info.

How long will it last? For a very very long time. Keep it dry and cool.


cacao tea - trinidad and tobago drinks - local food

Cacao Tea – A Real Trinidad and Tobago Drink

for one cup of delicious real local cacao tea

  • 2 spoons grated cacao chips
  • 3 cm dried organic orange peel or 1/2 tea spoon fresh organic orange zest
  • Cinnamon as much as you desire
  • 1 fresh or dried bay leaf
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cup full milk
  • a pinch nutmeg
  • Cane sugar as you desire
  • optional: 1 clove / whipped cream

Tools: Pot, a fine sieve or strainer, pot spoon, grater


  1. Grate the handmade cacao balls till you have the desired amount
  2. Put the grated cacao chips in a pot
  3. Add milk
  4. Add cinnamon, bay leaf, clove, orange peel, salt and nutmeg
  5. Put it on the stove, low fire
  6. Let it boil slowly for 4 or 5 minutes
  7. Remove from the stove and let it rest for 5 minutes
  8. Add sugar and stir
  9. Meanwhile an option is to whip your heavy cream
  10. Use a strainer/sieve and pour your hot cacao thee in the cup
  11. Add whipped cream on top and garnish with some freshly grated cacao chips!